Workshop Information

Since 2010, ATHRC has begun holding workshops at CAST for trafficking survivors. Below are the list of workshop topics and information on our evaluation process.

Workshop Topics:

Fall 2012
October 19 – Diabetes
October 26 – Healthy Eating and Healthy Skin
November 2 – Job Search and Interview Techniques
November 9 – Stress Management (Art as a form of relief/therapy)
November 16 – Financial Literacy

Previous topics have included…
When to Seek ER/Medical Assistance
Common Responses to Trauma
Domestic Violence
Accessing Contraceptives and Protection
Sexual Assault
Nutrition and Digestion
and many more!

Evaluation Process:
ATHRC’s philosophy is to conduct workshops that offer health and mental health information through discussion and activities, in order to promote the overall well-being and future of its participants.  In each workshop, facilitators and evaluator work together towards developing effective and appropriate curriculum as well as the recording and analysis of evaluations.

Our evaluation forms currently provide basic info, pre/post questions, summary and review, and overall ratings.


  • Pre/Post Test Questions: Prior to each workshop, facilitators develop questions during curriculum development, which seek to guide participants in the learning process. The aim of the evaluations are to indicate improvement in knowledge.